Hallwalls Artist's and Models 25: True Defective

Artemis and the Stag

Sound and Fury Pinball Machine, 2014

Sound and Fury

For Hallwalls 25th Artists & Models, a recurring art party and event established in the early 1980s by former Hallwalls' Performance Art Curator Tony Billoni, I built an oversized and oddly functional Hallwalls-themed pinball machine.

"This year's edition of A&M is titled True Defective, a name/theme that strikes at the core of Hallwalls, the event itself, its participants, and perhaps even its audience. As a contemporary art center since 1974, Hallwalls has always been about the experimental, the avant-garde, the creativity that flourishes and blooms along the fringe of mainstream culture, where ideas percolate in unexpected ways and arise to delight, inform, entertain, and even disturb. Ideas on the fringe have often been expressed by individuals who might otherwise be considered different, odd, eccentric, or allegedly defective. If that is true, let us say that Hallwalls embraces the so-called defective, exalts the defective, giving the defective a home in which to express itself. Because what one might call defective, another might call sublime or illuminating. If one doubts the value of the perceived defective, recall that it is The Fool who speaks the wisest lines in Shakespeare's King Lear." - from hallwalls.org